Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Play it again Sam

We watched Casablanca over the weekend and both enjoyed it very much.We watch closely waiting for the "famous" misquoted line "Play it Again Sam". Not there I say!. The closest and almost right-on phrase is "Play it, Sam". I am very happy to have watched it and doing a minimal amount of research on the Web. If you haven't seen Casablanca, i recommend you do -- it is one of the great old classics.

ATTENTION to my faithful readers:

My last post was a month ago tomorrow, March 17th. I have decided to take a sabbatical from the blog for a while. No reason other than the lack of inspiration.

Who knows, i may change my mind is a few days if something catches my interest or my pallet finds a meal or a restaurant worthy of a post.

Don't go too far - I will be back at some point.

Also, just to let everyone know - if you ask me to be your friend on Facebook, you probably will not get a response from me. While i joined Facebook a couple of years ago, I never got wrapped up in the social networking scene and seldom look at it.

I am always happy to here from you via email or a phone call (unique idea).

Keep smiling and stay positive.