Monday, October 26, 2009

A Busy Day in the City

The weather was great yesterday and we expect a repeat performance
today with temps in the low 60s and clear skies.
We started our day yesterday with the visit to MOMA which I have
already mentioned. It is 5 floors filled with wonderful art by some of
the most famous artists, and some works the I just do not understand,
like Jackson Pollock. We followed this with a window shopping walk
down 5th Avenue, then a walk through Central Park. Since it was a
lovely fall day, the locals were out in mass enjoying their Sunday
and the fall colors.
After a long walk back to the hotel for a short rest, we caught the
subway to Union Square and our dinner at Union Square Cafe. Watch out
everyone - here comes the food... We shared an appetizer of tuna
tartars with fennel crackers, oh so good. I selected the grilled lamb
chops for my main course. (sorry Pat). The four perfectly cooked and
tender chops were served with an excellent potato gratin. Frank
ordered the duck breast which he allowed me to sample. All I can say
is that it was wonderful.

Since we are already into another busy day, hold that thought, i will
finish this post later.

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