Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Boston - Hits and Misses

Back by popular demand, our wrap up of the highlights and lowlights of our latest trip.  This time, hits and misses of Boston.

Hit (Frank) - The Trolley Tour of the Freedom Trail.  We got to cover a lot of ground, see a lot of things (comfortably), and the guide was informative and funny.

Hit (Dick) - Trinity Church.  I loved the Tiffany era stained glass, and the Romanesque-style architecture.

Miss (Frank) - Quincy Market.  It may have been a historic market place at one time, but is not much more than a glorified shopping mall now.

Miss (Dick) - I agree 100%.  Unless you are a history buff, skip it.

Hit (Frank) - Everyplace we went was good, but nothing was great.  Oddly enough, I really enjoyed the tuna tartare and the cosmopolitans at the Top of the Hub.  Yes, tuna tartare and cosmos are cliches, and yes, high altitude dining spots can be long on atmosphere and low on dining points, but this place hit it right on all notes, and gets a thumbs up from me.

Hit (Dick) - I agree on Top of the Hub, but overall, my fave is Brasserie Jo.  My rotisserie chicken crepe with a creme sauce was very good, flavorful, and satisfied a jones I had on for chicken pot pie for weeks!

Miss (Frank) - Ristorante Fiore on Hanover Street.  It was a nice place, food (Italian) was ok.  But it seemed like one of those places that didn't have to try very hard, and it showed.

Miss (Dick) - Sam Snead's.  This is actually at the Tampa Airport, but STILL was the WORST hamburger I probably have ever had.  They will only cook it medium or well done.

Frank - Actually, there is only one option...cremated.

Hit (Frank) - For me, it was the moment I ran into a mother and her grown daughter in the Public Garden.   I was taking a picture of the Make Way for Ducklings statue.  The adult daughter sheepishly walked over to the mother duck statue, and sat on top of it.  Her mother explained to me, as she was taking a photo, that she had taken that same shot of her daughter when she was five, and wanted one of her all grown up .  I thought it was kind of neat.

Hit (Dick) -  Being awed about how clean and impressive a city Boston is.  It's historic, modern, and full of interesting neighborhoods.  I couldn't believe the lack of grafitti (downtown at least).

Miss (Frank) - Being in Boston knowing that the Lightning lost to the Bruins the night we arrived.

Miss (Dick) - Not having enough time to walk around the North End.  I want to go back and explore all my peeps in this Italian neighborhood.

Last minute comments:

*Sheraton Boston Hotel is a nice option in the Back Bay.
*Comments about how rude Bostonians are (cab drivers in particular) are way off base.  People seemed friendly and helpful in general.
*Service in restaurants tended to be slower than what we usually are accustomed to.
*May is a good time to go to Boston.  City is just lovely.

That's all we are sayin'

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I LOVE it when you two tag team! Keep it up!