Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Excitement is Increasing

One night to go, before we head to the airport for our flight to JFK where we have a 3 hour layover before boarding our "across the pond" flight to Barcelona. We arrive in Spain at 7:00 AM (1:00 AM here). I promise that I will NOT call anyone when we land.

I am all packed and the boarding passes are printed. Paolo & Lucia have their sitter coming in to feed them and to give Paolo his meds - which is a big load off my mind. Frank's cats, Tiger Lily and Jenna have their sitter lined up to, so all of the kids are covered.

I will try to blog when I can, but the main purpose of the trip is for us to relax and enjoy some new locations and re-visit a couple of our favorite cities. (Barcelona and Venice)

I bid you ciao for now. 

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Paul said...

I meant to call you before you departed. I'm sure you're having a great time -- sailing out of Barcelona today. Say "hi" to Jade for us! Looking forward to hearing all about it...