Monday, December 7, 2009

Getting Back in the Grove

Yikes, I am finally getting back to what passes as normal, and starting to feel better after my second treatment. This one went well again, actually probably easier than the first one since I was under general anesthesia for a shorter period of time. However it seemed to wear on me emotionally more so than the first. Partly, I think, because I never got out of ICU for the entire post-treatment; not due to any complications, but due to no rooms available in the inn. So I was actually discharged directly from ICU last Friday morning. Also, as anyone who has spent even one night in the hospital understands, it isn't the place to get any rest. And, the food still sucks ! With all that whining out of the way, everyday is better, and I plan on going back to work tomorrow. I am also ready to get back in the kitchen and start cooking again... which is the true sign of recovery for me. 
I owe a special thanks to my good Mount Dora friends, Carol and John, for coming down this weekend to make sure I was getting more than sufficient care; to my dear friend Denise for providing superb personal transportation service on short notice; and to my good friend Frank, for all of his help, including taking off work so he could be at the hospital the day of my treatment, and to bring me home on Friday, cooking for me, and for being there for me always. I am so fortunate to have such caring friends, including all of you who have sent you good wishes by text, phone, email, etc. 
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