Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Apple of My i

I was walking through the Garden of Evil a few weeks ago when I spotted a serpent in a tree enticing me with an apple. He is always wearing a black turtleneck sweater, white earbuds, and rocking out to Coldplay. I had fallen under his spell before.
Serpent, I said, "Why are you here again, holding another apple? I have enough apples already thanks to you!"
"Ah," he said, "you can never have too many apples."
I don't know that I agree with him. I already have an iPod, a Shuffle, a MacBook, and my favorite iPhone. How many more i's do I need.
Reading my thoughts, the serpent replied, "Just one more."
I was not an early adapter of the iPhone, but I like it so much, I decided the serpent might be right. On the first day available, I placed my pre-order for an iPad. What had come over me; I had to be one of the first to have my very own iPad. It arrived this week in the typical white box, screaming APPLE!!!
I am sitting here typing on the virtual keypad on what looks like an iPhone on steroids. It is really slick; almost too much so, as in slippery to hold. But it looks great and I love the large display. I must admits, the jury is still out if this is all I expected it to be. I know I will have fun, but my favorite iDevice is still the iPhone.

"OK, Mr. Serpent, you won this one, but enough Apples for now."
I just realized that the face of the serpent looks a lot like Steve Jobs.

That's my story and I am sticking to it.

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Piglet's Buddy said...

your first instinct was correct. You can never have too much "APPLE"!!!
You beat me on the iPad. Drat!!