Tuesday, April 6, 2010

It's a Wrap

It has been nine days since we returned from Washington DC and I haven't completed my postings from the trip. So, finally, here are the last two posts... first, the National Cathedral, where we attended Palm Sunday service. Yes, the earth did shake when I stepped into the Cathedral. You can read more about it at this Wikipedia link, or the official National Cathedral site.
This large Gothic cathedral sits on a hill overlooking Washington. The photo of the nave was taken from the balcony, where we were seated for the service. Typical of Gothic cathedrals, it has soaring ceilings supported by large pillars and lighted by lovely stained glass windows.
While the architecture reminded me of Medieval Gothic churches in Europe, the one this missing here was the darkened walls from years of candle soot. The cathedral was beautiful, but just a touch too pristine. Oh, well, it is much newer in comparison.

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