Thursday, July 15, 2010

Chicago day 3 - Rug-rats in the Field

On our final day in Chicago we went to The Field Museum, the wonderful natural history museum. We met Sue, the most complete and largest T.Rex skeleton. She stands in the grand hall towering over the crowd of admirers. We ventured to RoboSue, a special exhibit of dinosaur animatronics showing Sue and her prehistoric friends. This included TV monitors showing the view of the visitors, (us), from the dinosaur's perspective. We traveled to the Egyptian exhibit and climbed in and around the tomb of an ancient Egyptian and his possessions and some 23 shriveled up mummies. We explored the land of The Mammoths and Mastoids. Is pigmy mammoth an oxymoron? We ventured underground al la "Honey, I Shrunk the Visitors" to see the creepy crawly creatures in our soil, eye to eye. We marveled at the totem poles in the Northwest Coast and Arctic Peoples exhibit. We saw a lot, but we only touched the surface of this large, amazing museum. As with the Art Institute, you could spend days here.
But one thing we did not miss seeing, was the bands of rug-rats parading through the museum. These creatures were dressed in various gang colors to distinguish their clan from the others. Some were even harnessed together on a long rope with a separate handle for each member of the group. And watch out if you hit the restroom at the same time as they get a bathroom break. While we tried to stay out of the way as they serpentine through the museum, it is good to see so many young kids exposed to this great museum.

Back to the hotel to grab our bags and head to the airport for our flight home... End of journey.

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