Sunday, May 6, 2012

Cruising the Mediterranean

My original intent was to post a detailed summary of the cruise on the blog. But instead, I think I will just add a few more comments and then go back to working on the photographs from the trip. Our "Hits and Misses" (link) blog posted a few days ago (May 2nd) is a good summary of our highlights and lowlights of the trip.

With the fear of being repetitive,  here is my final post (until the photographs are available).
The trip was great, the ship was great, the service throughout the ship was great, and the balcony room was worth the extra cost. In fact I think we got lucky - as the first cruise by NCL of this season for the area, the cruise prices were already deeply discounted. 

We quickly fell into a routine on the ship, similar to the NCL Sky cruise last fall. We managed to find a nice quiet bar, The Star Bar, with a couple of very attentive and friendly servers. Late afternoons we could be found there to have a pre-dinner cocktail or wine. And maybe work on a crossword on my iPad. After dinner we usually ended up at Bar City to enjoy some piano music performed by Nathaniel. It was relaxing music and Nathaniel was  a superb entertainer with extensive playlists from Cole Porter, Stevie Wonder and many others in those styles. (Did I mention we may have ordered another drink before heading to the cabin for the night.)

All the ports were interesting stops with the Croatian coast being very beautiful We were also very happy to be able to visit 2 of our favorite cities, Barcelona and Venice at the beginning and end of the cruise and spend an extra day in each.

Finally, the crew had an obsession with cleanliness. They we stationed throughout the ship, especially at the entrance to restaurants, with the standard line "Happy, Happy, Washy, Washy. As you walked by they would hold out a spray bottle of sanitizing gel making sure every one got a shot of the stuff. A good idea I say.

I think that will wrap it up unless I think of something I missed which you might find interesting. Otherwise stay tuned for the posting of the link to the photographs, but give me a while to work through them.

Did we have a good time? No, we had a great and very relaxing time.

That is my story and I am sticking to it.

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