Thursday, May 24, 2012

They Are Here, Finally

I know that the anticipation has been building and we are finally ready to release the photographs from our April cruise to the Mediterranean and the Adriatic. I must acknowledge Frank’s contributions to this endeavor as he took most of the photographs. I will take credit for the back room work such as cropping, editing, and posting.

If you haven’t read the blog, I encourage you to do so. It will put some words behind the pictures. But you don’t need to read the blog to enjoy the photographs.

We ended up with over 200 plus photographs, and we have cut that back to 118 photographs in the “Long Version”. We the pulled 59 of the 118 and created the “Short Version” for those of you who do not want to scroll through the 118. Even the 59 photos may take a while to view, but if you have the desire to tackle the long version (Glen) it is ready for you.
Jade Album - Long Version
Jade - Short Version

As I mentioned before we had a wonderful time, and added three new countries to our list of countries visited. (Paul and Libby – don’t fear, no way we could ever catch up to you in your quest.

Any questions and comments are appreciated.


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