Saturday, October 18, 2008

So zoo me !

Last Thursday, the night before attending the Food and Wine Festival at EPCOT, Frank and I dined at Todd English's bluezoo in the Dolphin Resort at Walt Disney World. This has a very high WOW factor in my opinion, from the sleek blue and copper decor, to the service, and most importantly the food. Every item was superb. 
I started with the Yellowfin tuna tartar; a lovely circular presentation of diced fresh tuna served on top of fried rock shrimp wrapped in a thin cucumber slice. Frank enjoyed his chilled poached jumbo shrimp with an avocado puree, bloody mary sauce, and fennel salt. We both knew that if the rest of the meal was a good as the appetizers we were in for a real treat.
We both selected the "simply fish" item on the menu which allows you to select from one of three or four fish, and pair it with one of three sauces. Frank and  I opted for the triple tail fish, but I had the warm crabmeat, dijon mustard, and chives sauce and Frank selected the red curry coconut sauce. The fish was light, flaky and perfectly grilled. Both sauces were tasty and complemented the triple tail nicely.
We accompanied our entrees with a shared order of tempura haricot vert. The beans were lightly battered, fried and served in a conical chrome french fry basket. They were seasoned with a course salt that added another dimension of flavor and texture to the dish. 
With our meal we enjoyed a truly wonderful bottle of Rex Hill Willamette Valley (Oregon) Pinot Noir
Dessert was "almost" a no brainer. Our server raved about the zweet burger during his review of the dessert offerings.  So we decided to split the zweet burger, and zweet it was. So, what is a zweet burger you might ask. It looked like a small hamburger even with two slices of cheese. But looks can be deceiving. The bun was made of lemon pound cake, the cheese was thin slices of orange flavored gelatin and the "meat" was citrus cream custard with an edge of dark chocolate. The burger was served with a side of ketchup (raspberry sorbet) and fries (strips of fried beignet). The plate was decorated with a splash of raspberry puree that looked like a streak of ketchup against the white plate.
In my book, this ranks as one of my best meals ever. 

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Paul said...

Mmmm... the zweet burger sounds "zcrumptiouz." We'll have to try bluezoo.