Monday, October 27, 2008

The Flaneurs went Flaneur-ing

Sunday it was, and it was a beautiful day, clear, slightly cooler, low humidity with a light breeze off the bay. So after breakfast at the loft, complements of Frank, we headed out for a walk, Other than wanting to go to the waterfront, we had no destination in mind, so these two flaneurs did what flaneurs do, wandered aimlessly but always on the lookout for something of interest. We walked by the Vinoy Hotel and captured the pink hotel against the deep blue sky, then on to Vinoy Park for a shot of downtown across the harbor. We continued our stroll of the sidewalks of St. Petersburg for a while and stopped at the Museum of Fine Arts to see two special photography exhibits, one of "The History of Photography" with prints from the mid 1800's. The other was a collection of Ansel Adams and his contemporaries, which are always very impressive.

After the museum, more walking... oh, look, we are at Pincho y Pincho, let's stop for a glass of sangria and a couple tapas. Yum... 

Back at the loft, after champagne and appetizers with Carol and Lois (thank you both for the champagne and flowers), the four of us headed to Chappy's on Central Ave, for some Creole cooking. My shrimp and grits was very good.

Frank and I finished off the evening at L'Olivier Bistro, a little French creperie, for a couple dessert crepes and coffee. 

That concluded another wonderful day walking the streets of "my city". 

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