Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Mr. P is in Trouble

Mr. P, aka Paolo - the handsome, aka P-Butt, is in trouble tonight. Yes, my boy cat is in trouble. Well, not serious trouble to the point of being confined to kitty jail or anything like that. Here is the deal. 

Last night I stopped at Petsmart to pick up a few Christmas gifts for Paolo and Lucia. This is the time of year they are treated for being such "good" children. I tossed the bag of toys on top of the refrigerator (OK, you can see this one coming, can't you?). In the bag was a small canvas bag of catnip. Well, when I arrived home tonight, the bag was on the floor, ripped open and the catnip bag was removed from the bag and laying in the kitchen, and it was saturated with cat saliva. 

Now, you might ask why I accused Mr. P of this criminal deed. Easy, his chin was still wet from salivating all over the catnip bag. And I also know from prior experience, that he has a fit when he and catnip are mixed.

Right now, he is sitting on my lap, checking every word I write about him. So much for being in trouble. The bag of toys, including the soggy catnip bag are safely stored in a place he cannot access. He will just have to wait until Christmas Eve to open his gifts.

Meow !

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