Saturday, May 16, 2009

But Who Is Counting...

The magic number is thirty, as in thirty days to go. Really, thirty days before we go... to B.A., as in Buenos Aires, Argentina. For my 65th birthday, I decided I wanted to go somewhere I have never been. So Frank and I tossed around a few ideas, and decided on Buenos Aires. It had been on our wish list for a while and this seemed like the opportune time to go. We fly from Tampa to Miami, then an overnight flight to B.A. We have six nights at the NH Jousten in the downtown area. I am soooo ready to go. But we still have thirty days before departure. Oh my!

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SummerS said...

You'll have to tell me ALL about it. Because I am going in November!! YAY! Only thing better is if we could go together.

My next-door neighbor is Uruguayan and she still owns a house on the beach in La Paloma. So we're flying there for our vacation and have a free place to stay. Only place to fly into is BA - not too shabby.

So know that I'll be closely following your trip!!!!!