Friday, May 15, 2009

Getting to the Root of the Problem

What a way to start a Friday, with a root canal. Yep, there I was at my favorite endodontist's office at 9:30 this morning, waiting for him to go to town on tooth #3 (upper right). As I listened to light classical music via Verizon Fios on the wireless headset the office provides, the good doctor extracted the nerves and sent me on my way... to work, (oh fun). It was a "been-there, done-that" experience, as this is not the first root canal I have had. I am always amazed at the lack of discomfort during the process. As his expert assistant said, "you come in with a tooth ache, and you leave pain free". Well, yea, they ripped the nerves out, so nothing left to hurt. Truly, it is easier than prepping for a crown. And the good doctor grew up in Italy, where his parents still live. He flies his two sons over every summer to spend a month with their grandparents. What lucky kids. 

OK enough dental chatter. This was the end of my second week of returning to work. All is going well with the continued recovery from the surgery. I have an appointment scheduled for May 26th with a melanoma expert at Emory Cancer Center in Atlanta. I just want a second opinion regarding ongoing treatment. I will spend Memorial weekend in Atlanta visiting my nephew and my good friends Liz and Henry, so there will be some fun included (oh and good food I am sure).

That's all I'm saying

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