Friday, March 5, 2010

Cycle 1, Day 15

Sorry that I have been absent from the blogosphere for over a week, but things are fairly routine right now. Yes, I have enjoyed some nice meals, and I am feeling good, but nothing exciting enough to write about on my blog. Like, I love the posts on Facebook that just say things like "Sitting at home, watching TV", or "Going to the store". Sorry, but I really don't care about the daily mundane activities. If I really thought others did, well then I would have a post an hour. 
I don't know what started that rant... but it is out of my system now. 
So, I am in day 15 of the first cycle of my new trial chemo treatment. I have one more week without the infusion pump, then I start cycle 2 next Friday. I am very grateful that the side effects have been minimal so far. 
Now that was a fairly boring post.

That's all I'm Saying

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Liz said...

Better a boring post than no post. I'm just sayin.....