Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Occasional Blogger

I know, I know, I have been missing from the blogosphere again. I am in Cycle 2, Day 5 of my chemo, dragging the pump with me everywhere I go. The fatigue set in on Sunday evening. On top of that I am also fighting a head cold and cough. I wear the pump until this coming Friday so only a few more days to go.
Happy Birthday, Cherie;
But on to more interesting events. My dear niece, Cherie, celebrated her 60th birthday (yep, count them 6_0) on Saturday. Cherie, you don't look a day over 59. Just kidding, she doesn't look anywhere near 60, nor did she act much over 16 when she opened one of her gifts - tickets to Michael Buble for that evening in Tampa. To say she was excited would be an understatement. Dinner for Cherie and her daughter, Aubrie, was pre-arranged for them at Spain Restaurant and Tapas Bar in Tampa. (previously reviewed here)
Thank you Jacque:
Saturday evening, Frank and I pulled a couple of recipes from Jacque Pepin's "More Fast Food My Way"; a Beet, Stilton, Apple and Walnut Salad, and Roasted Chicken with Mustard Crust. Click the link and check Episode 204 for the recipes. While Jacque prepared a whole split chicken, we used leg quarters which worked perfectly for the two of us and was very juicy and flavorful. We served it with mashed potatoes. 

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Piglet's Buddy said...

Seeing a post on here is always a good sign for me. Hope each day brings improvement for you.