Monday, August 9, 2010

Countdown to Espana

OMG,  I cannot wait. Time to travel again and this time, another trip across the pond. Frank and I are heading to Spain for a week, and I am ready. I have only been to Spain once in 1992 with my friend Mitch. We are going to Barcelona and Madrid. The journey between the two cities is much easier now that the AVE high-speed train serves both cities. When Mitch and I flew from Madrid to Barcelona, the first boarding announcement resulted in everyone rushing to the gate en mass. Can you say "stampede?" We had no seat assignments and the flight was FULL. Ah, it will be much more civilized this time, with reserved first class seats on the AVE.
When I return I start a 5 to 6 day inpatient treatment at Moffitt, followed by a week at home, then another 5 to 6 day inpatient stay. So this trip will help me cope with a couple of weeks at the Moffitt Marriott (jk).
That's all I'm saying :-)

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