Thursday, August 12, 2010

Is It Time Yet?

Have I mentioned that I am ready to go to Spain, oh, so ready. I know, it isn't like I never get to travel, but every journey generates some level of excitement for me. I have started the packing process, i.e. made my list and started laying out items to be packed. This is a very scientific process, as we both only take a carry-on size bag, hence we must pick our items very carefully. Next, the artistic part begins. Folding everything like origami, so it fits. 
And since we pack for carry-on, I have booked seats in the back of the bus. We don't have the luxury of first or business class, nor a preferred level of frequent flier membership, so I fly toward the back so we board in one of the earlier coach groups, and we can be assured of overhead space.  Now that the airlines are charging for checked luggage, carry-on space is in higher demand. (That's my rant for the day, not that it is much of a rant).
US Airways (aka Useless Airways) is our airline of choice for this trip. While we could have save a little money by flying American, that would have required longer layovers in JFK on the outbound, and Miami on the return. Now, that is a rant waiting to happen. Even travel writer, Peter Greenberg, feels that Miami is one of the worst airports.  Amen, Peter. We try to avoid it whenever possible. Our travel takes us through Philadelphia with acceptable layover times in both directions. (Deirdre, we will wave at you from the airport).
Can we leave now?


Paul said...

This reminds me... I promised to name some good tapas places in Barcelona:

Cerveceria Catalana
Ciudad Condal
Qu Qu (Quasi Queviures) -- good house wine

All were excellent... and all are in the 'hood were you're staying.

Dick said...

Great, thank you for the recommendations.