Wednesday, August 4, 2010

To the Valley

I am in Maggie Valley, NC this week visiting my brother and get a touch of cooler weather. While cooler than St. Petersburg, the afternoon highs here are in the mid 80's, which is unusually warm for this area. At least it cools off nicely in the evening, night, and morning. And I am enjoying spending time with my brother Charles and his friend, Peg. 
I love to travel, and this is a nice change. Although I experienced a first on my flight from St. Petersburg to Greenville, SC. We pushed back from the gate on time, sat on the tarmac for five to ten minutes, then pulled back to the gate. Everyone thought it was a mechanical problem, but once back at the gate, the flight attendant announced that a passenger was being removed for a minor infraction. Oh, wow! So we were looking around for the offending passenger. It happened to be the last person to board, via a wheelchair, seated in the first row. When he was helped to his seat he had a lot of difficulty walking. While he may have been handicapped, he was also "severely intoxicated" according the a later announcement by the pilot. It took three large security gentlemen to physically carry him off the plane.
That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

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