Thursday, December 9, 2010

Travel Rant

Rant #1: The logistics of travel, in my opinion, is always difficult and I am usually pretty good about rolling with whatever the situation delivers. You really don't have much choice. But the travel experience can be better at some airports than others. I already ranted about Washington Dulles International Airport in an earlier post from the outbound journey. Well, the return visit wasn't any better. You cannot have a short layover in Dulles. We spent 2 hours from the time we deplaned to the time we were at our next gate for our Tampa flight negotiating lines, transports of various types, etc. While we did find a helpful United employee when we checked in for our ongoing flights (Shirley to Roanoke, VA and us to Tampa), so all is not bleak. But I nominate IAD, Washington Dulles, as the most inefficient airport I have ever visited. 

Rant #2: Why don't we have consistent security and baggage standards worldwide? 

  • Take off shoes in Tampa and Washington, don't take them off in Vienna
  • Carry-on baggage limitation is based on size in US, but we had to weigh our luggage in Vienna, and all three bags which arrived as carry-on had to be checked due to weight limitations. (Same aircraft type, and the plane still had to carry them)
  • Body scanners in US, none (noted) in Vienna

That's all I am saying.


Piglet's Buddy said...

I don't travel nearly as much as you do, my dear friend, but the minor trips I take make me appreciate Tampa International.

Denise said...

Welcome home - can't wait to hear more/see more pictures!

Dick said...

So true, Bob. We have a great airport here.