Saturday, November 1, 2008

Saturday in the Park(shore)

But first, another trip back to the Saturday Morning Market, this time with my friend Bob. It was another lovely day in St. Petersburg, with cool temperatures and clear skies as we walked to the market. Bob had to cover some of my purchases as my wallet seemed to be empty of cash. The market was fun as always and yielded some great produce purchases.

Shorty after noon, Mrs. C. (Frank's mother) and Frank arrived for her initial viewing of the loft. Loved it, she did ! We then had lunch at Parkshore Grill on Beach Drive across from the Museum of Fine Arts. Give it a try if ever in downtown St. Petersburg. My hanger steak was very tasty, although it arrived with the fries that I had asked them to hold, (0ne demerit). Frank enjoyed the Tyson Trio (soup, pulled-pork sandwich and salad) and Mrs. C had a "Build-a-burger" with onions and mushrooms. It must have been good since she finished the whole burger, which is unusual for this tiny lady.

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