Wednesday, September 29, 2010


PDX, airport code for Portland, OR, is our final destination today. Yes we are traveling again, this time to a destination new for both Frank and me. This post is coming to you from 30,000 feet above sea level, as we hurl through the atmosphere in an elongated aluminum tube. What fun! We are in the back of the bus again, but the flight has been fine. This leg, from Phoenix to Portland, is not full so we have three seats for the two of us.
We are looking forward to visiting Portland. As usual, food is a prime motivator and Portland has a lot of good restaurants, and we have a couple dinner reservations already. Museums, Japanese Gardens, walking the streets and visit to Powell's Books among other locales are on our agenda. We also scheduled a day trip to wine country to sample the grapes.
We had another first leaving Tampa this morning at O'Dark:30. I have had a lot of scans the past couple of years; CT, MRI, PT. But today both of us had the full body scan at security. I guess we looked like a couple shady characters. There will be no pictures posted of the results.
I will post as I have time, so check back for more travel updates from Portland.

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