Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Portland - Hits and Misses

Hit - (Dick) - Andina. It was unique, different, great service. And Peruvian!

Hit - (Frank) - Carafe Bistro. Unpretentious, charming and a great value. Too bad it's in such a lonely location.

Miss - (Dick) - None.

Miss - (Frank) - Agreed. This is definitely a foodie town!

Hit - (Frank) - Rabbit pate at Veritable Quandary. Talk about a wild hare!

Hit - (Dick) - Same. Agreed. A tasty, country styled pate that was hopping good!

Miss - (Frank) - Appetizer selection at Piazza Italia. The antipasto platter was good, but one of only three options.

Miss - (Dick) - Same. The antipasto platter wasn't a miss, per se, but was just ordinary.

Hit - (Dick) - Pappardelle with Wild Boar Ragu. Bolognese flavors, so typically Italian.

Hit - (Frank) - Not to be a total bore, but gotta go with the boar as well. Unctuous flavors, Devine pappardelle. Awesome!

Hit - (Frank) - Chocolate Pot de Creme at Carafe Bistro. Delicieux!

Hit - (Dick) - Churros with chocolate ice cream at Andina. Muy bueno!

Miss - (Frank) - The Plumcot Cobbler at Veritable Quandary was a bit too tart. The accompanying buttermilk ice cream almost made up for it, though!

Miss - (Dick) - The gorgonzola and honey ice cream at Higgins. Gorgonzola belongs on a cheese tray. The accompanying fig tart was like a grown up fig newton...thumbs up!

Hit -(Dick) - Dobbes Family Vineyards. Skip the Wines by Joe label, and go with the Dobbes Family label. Really nice whites and reds.

Hit - (Frank) - Dobbes was the bomb, no doubt. Kudos, though to Penner Ash and Stoller (lovely facilities with gorgeous views).

Miss - (Dick) - Argyle. Still wines were less interesting than my argyle socks.

Miss - (Frank) - Agreed. I've seen your argyle socks, bro. They're not that interesting either.

Outdoor Sites
Hit - (Frank) - The Japanese Garden. Tranquil, serene, lovely.

Hit - (Dick) - Agreed. It was a moment of zen.

Miss - (Frank) - Pioneer Courthouse Square. Unless you like hanging out with weird kids who like to ask you for money (that is, beside your own)!

Miss - (Dick) - Agreed. In a city of great public spaces, this one doesn't cut it.

Indoor Sites
Hit - (Dick) - Without question, the Portland Art Museum. A great collection, with the bonus of a recently acquired Van Gogh.

Hit - (Frank) - I gotta second that one. The Impressionist Room alone was worth the visit. Fine contemporary collection as well.

Miss - (Dick) - None.

Miss - (Frank) - The oddballs, freaks and weirdos on the streetcars. Portland has one of the best public transport systems I have seen in the US. But the cast of characters that pop on and off can make the ride everything from mildly amusing to slightly scary!

(Dick) - Well, as the locals say, "Keep Portland Weird".

That's all we are saying!


Liz said...

Hysterical! Love this one....

Dick said...

Thanks, we had fun putting it together.

Anonymous said...

I went to the Japanese garden in Argentina too, while I was staying at one of the buenos aires apartments. I havent gone to portland yet, but you will love the one placed in buenos aires!!!Very pacefull too!

Dick said...

Luis, thank you for your comment. I was in Buenos Aires in June 2009 and loved the city. We did go to the Japanese Garden there and through it was lovely and peaceful. I loved the red bridge in the garden in Buenos Aires.