Monday, October 25, 2010

Puff, the Magic Dragon

Puff it is not, but magical it is. I am not one to brag about iPhone applications but this one is somewhat amazing. I downloaded an application called Dragon dictation. It is a voice recognition software which allows you to speak into the phone and have it transcribed into text for later inclusion into an e-mail. One difficulty is remembering to add punctuation so the punctuation is properly placed in the text. This post is being created using the Dragon dictation software. At least it is somewhat easier than typing on a virtual keyboard on the iPhone. Naturally some minor corrections are required, but overall the accuracy is good.

Thanks to my friend Carol in Mount Dora for finding this application and recommending it to me.

That's all I am really "saying".

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Liz said...

Alright, I hate duck (Henry loves it), but I'm so on the app!

Dick said...

I noticed there were no duck recipes in your cooking at home collection. I fixed the Greek Chicken for myself tonight. It was great. That is a real winner and oh so easy.