Wednesday, October 6, 2010

"Tuscan Twilight Landscape'

I am now the proud and happy owner of another Peter Stilton original painting. Peter and his wife, Jill, came over today with the new painting and it looks great in my space. I am very excited to have a piece of lovely art created just for me and my place. The painting is three separate 2" x 4" panels hung with a slight spacing between them as you can see in the photograph. Unfortunately, the photo doesn't do justice to the painting. It is much more dramatic in person, and really must be seen in the place for which it was painted.

Peter also wrote a great poem to go along with the painting. It follows the photograph. 

Please check out Peter's Website at Stilton Studio for more of his work.

"Tuscan Sun Descending"
By Peter Stilton

Tuscan Sun Descending

Not into Dante’s depths of darkness

But into a quiet night of fresco colors

Reflecting Cimabue, Giotto, Masaccio,

And ending in Michelangelo.

Terra cotta tiles, olive groves,

Sunlight gilding rivulets of oil and honey,

Cicadas buzzing in ochre fields…

Shadows of deep cobalt blue with marble clouds

Infused with polyphonic flame and too brief incandescence….

Dugento, Trecento, Quattrocento blend into Cinquecento complexity—

All tending into deepest opal, emerald, and sapphire depths.

Bells for vespers with umber shadows…

The Arno mirrors Tuscany’s skies

In tones of clay, paint, and stone.

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