Monday, May 23, 2011

Another Cafe

Last night, we met Carol, Lois, Alex, and Sandy for dinner at a "newer" restaurant in the Clearwater - Countryside area - Carmel Cafe. It is a nice space with primarily a tapas style menu. We ordered a number of tapas to share around the table. All were good, some much better than others. We had a Margareta flat bred, a goat cheese spread, Chick-pea fries, Red and Yellow Roasted Beets Salad, and a full order of Spinach Gnocchi bouillabaisse. The seafood in the bouillabaisse was nicely cooked, but the bouillabaisse lacked depth of flavor.

The downside of the evening was the wine tasting which filled the main room supported by a very loud band, and a singer who wasn't very good. They stopped about 1/2 way through our meal, and at that time the atmosphere improved greatly. Prior to that we were yelling down the table. A normal discussion was not possible.

Go to check it out for yourself, but determine if there will be entertainment that day. I would avoid the cafe if there is. However, there is outdoor seating with would avoid the noise issue.

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