Sunday, May 29, 2011

Lightning Vs. Bruins

I awoke this morning in the Sheraton Back Bay in downtown Boston, which was a good thing since that is where I went to bed last night. We flew up last evening while the Tampa Bay Lightning battled the Boston Bruins in game 7 of the semifinal found of the Stanley Cup. It wasn't until this morning that we learned that Boston had been victorious. But in my opinion the Lightning had a good run at it this year.

So were are in Boston, not for the game, but to sightsee this historic city for Memorial weekend. Our first objective today was to cover the Freedom Trail which is a walking trail linking a number of revolution sight. We made it part way through when I started to get fatigued. But we did manage to see new State House, Boston Commons and Boston Gardens, both beautiful parks. Next stop was the Old Granary Cemetery with the graves of Samuel Adams, he still makes pretty decent beer; John Hancock, sign here please; and Paul Revere, got a light?

We then took a cab to Faneueil Hall and Quincy Market. Faneueil is an old revolutionary meeting hall while Quincy Market currently like a shopping mall food court but 2 to 4 times as large and 10 times as crowded, too crowded!

We then had lunch at Union Oyster House, the oldest continuously operating in the US. I had clam chowder (good
but not great). Frank and I had lobster rolls, very good with probably a pound of lobster meat in each one.

------------/ Intermission /----------

It is Sunday morning and I have only covered through Saturday lunch. So I am going to take a break until I have more time to finish, which may be Tuesday.

But let me say we both love Boston. Nice, active, & interesting city.

Richard Simpson

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Piglet's Buddy said...

Really glad you are enjoying it.

Paul said...

I figured you guys would have a blast in Boston! I'm enjoying following along! Can't wait for the next installment...