Sunday, May 1, 2011

Taco Bus, Si; Cassis, No

This weekend we had two dramatically different dining experiences. Today, we had lunch at The Taco Bus on Central Avenue, our very own fixed location food truck. The Tampa Taco Bus has been in operation a number of years serving long lines of locals. The St. Petersburg location opened a few months ago, also to lines of customers. I enjoyed two fish tacos with rice and re-fried beans. Frank had the vegan burrito. Both were very good. You order at the bus, and the food to brought to your table. The price is more than reasonable and the food tasty and fresh - I will definitely return to the Taco Bus.

On the other end of the spectrum yesterday, we took Frank's Mom to a birthday lunch at Cassis American Brasserie on Beach Drive in Downtown St. Petersburg. A small group of us had lunch there last year, and we felt the food unremarkable considering the nice upscale decor and the pricing. This time I was even more disappointed. The food was ok, but not memorable, and the service was slow and inattentive. We will probably not return especially since our beloved St. Petersburg Brasserie is just up the street and offers far superior French food and service.

A brief run-down of our selections at Cassis:
Me: Duck Confit: nice and tender, properly cooked, but way to SALTY. Side Caesar  - bland

Frank's Mom: Cassis Cheeseburger (typical), with a side Caesar and another side of Creamed Spinach. She declared the spinach too soupy

Frank; Side Caesar, Steak Tartare (lacking in flavor) and Frites (French Fries - the best item we had)

Overall, our second try at Cassis was a disappointment, especially from the service standpoint. We will stick with St. Petersburg Brasserie for our French dinning in St. Petersburg.

That's all I'm Saying!

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Piglet's Buddy said...

If the Urban Flaneur and his posse liked the Taco Bus then I need to be there soon!!!!!