Saturday, October 27, 2012

Day 6 - Gaspe and Perce

Today we awoke to the coldest temperatures of the cruise to date. The temperature at 9AM was 38 F with high winds. The wind chill must have been in the mid-20's. But we put on our warmest clothes and headed out for our excursion to Perce.

Perce is a large rock island with a hole through this rock just off shore from the little fishing village of Perce which is French for "pierced". Perce was a one hour drive from Gaspe via a yellow school bus. The drive was along the beautiful rocky coast line. Unfortunately we were about one week late for peak colors. The high winds over the past couple of weeks blew the colored leaves away. There was still some yellow in the trees but the intense red from the maples didn't make it. While slightly disappointing but not unexpected as we are here at the end of the season. The drive along the coastal region was still lovely.

After a short rest back on the NCL Dawn we headed to the Star Bar for a pre-dinner drink before dinner at Aqua, one of the main dining rooms, (no surcharge).

We both started with the crab cake appetizer. It was nicely seasoned with just a little heat. I ordered the pork tenderloin medallions with a mushroom sauce, wilted spinach and roasted potatoes. It was tasty but a little overdone in my humble opinion. Frank opted for the sliced turkey and gravy with all the trimmings. Frank gave the meal a thumbs down.

The one thing I applaud NCL on is the portion sizes in all the restaurants. Over-sized portions is one of my pet peeves and were not a problem on the Dawn.

Overall, a cool but enjoyable day.


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