Sunday, October 7, 2012

Ready to Sail

Another cruise. We are about to embark on another cruise on October 19. We are sailing on the NCL Dawn out of Boston and finish a week later in Quebec City, Canada. Frank will add two countries to his Traveler Century Club quest (a la Paul and Libby - but well behind them) He will check off Canada and Prince Edward Island (yes, considered a separate country  by TCC. (<----- link). Both are already on my list so no new countries for me. Anyway here is our route map. If anyone has any suggestion on these ports, drop me a line or add a comment to the post (preferred). We know it will be cold, so save your breath on that one. The one recommendation we already have is from my Oncologist - he said we must stop in the Hotel Frontenac in Quebec City for a drink. I like that prescription, you won't have to twist our arms on that one, Doctor.

Stay tuned


Anonymous said...

I agree with your doc . Stayed there as a child several times


Paul said...

I keep meaning to call before you head out. Libby and I so want to do this cruise, but the time of year never works for her. So, we'll be looking forward to hearing all about this one!

Dawn is a great ship too... we sailed in her in 2010 (Emerson's first cruise). You'll have a blast!

We do need to get together when you all get back. Pick a weekend...