Saturday, October 27, 2012

Day 7 - La Baie

On Day 7 we visited our last port before our destination port of Quebec City. The weather was very similar to yesterday, cold and very windy. Since there were no sites of interest to either of us, we elected to stay on board, relax and catch up on some reading.

Dinner was at Le Bistro, the French surcharged restaurant. In my opinion it was the best meal of the cruise. I had the Duo of Duck consisting of a roasted duck breast and a confit of duck, (leg quarter seared in duck fat).Yummy I say. Frank had the Fruit de Mer which was a tasty collection of seafood in a puff pastry. Yummy also.

After dinner we visited the casino trying to recover some of our earlier losses. The one armed bandits are like sirens calling us in the fog. We are big gamblers each of us putting $20.00 into the effort. By the end of the cruise we still had $10.00 left out of are original $40.00. We did better on our last cruise on the Jade where we were big winners, maybe $20 - $30 ahead for the cruise. Not big winnings but when you are playing the penny slots you can play all week.

Our final stop was in the Gatsby lounge to hear and bid our goodbyes our favorite pianist and crooner, Nathaniel Reed.

Next stop will be Quebec City, a highly anticipated visit, where we have a couple of post-cruise days in a city neither of us have visited before.


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