Sunday, September 14, 2008

Art in the Loft

This is a closeup of a favorite painting that I am fortunate to own, titled "Embers of Venice" The artist, Peter Stilton, was a high school classmate of mine, who I reconnected with last year when I learned he lived in Tampa. To see more of Peter's work, check out Stilton Studio. And by the way, Peter's wife, Jill, makes the all time best dark chocolate fudge sauce.

"Essentially this is an abstract work in gold and copper leaf squares and rectangles of burnt sienna, orange, and blue paint. Almost like the Plexiglas overlays I used in earlier paintings, black silhouettes of peopled gondolas and Venetian buildings float over the under-painting. With a bamboo stylus I depicted St. Mark’s, Sta. Maria Maggiore, S. Simeon Piccolo, the Ca d’Oro, and the Rialto Bridge. Venice is a voyage, and here the viewer can float over its domes and campanile" - Peter Stilton

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Jill said...

Dick, Let's see if you receive this. Good shot of the painting because it is hard to photograph with all its subtle layers of paint. I have an order for the sauce right now. Hopefully this week I will be able to make a case.
I will make sure that Peter sees the blog. Thanks, Jill Stilton and Peter and Matthew and Philip and great danes Winslow and Spencer. P.S. I was thinking of you. I just made a delicious key lime pie with my new mixer. It makes all the difference in the world. Philip did the graham cracker crumbs in the processor while I supervised. What a help!. I will save you a slice if you will be in Tampa tomorrow and oould drop by. If not, next time I will call you that day!