Thursday, September 4, 2008

Four Blocks

Why do I like living in this city? Well, within four blocks of easy walking, I have a number of good restaurants, including Thai with a sushi bar, an Italian (must have Italian), a deli, and others. I also have the Barnes and Noble bookstore at the St. Petersburg campus of USF, my local (albeit small) Publix, and CVS Pharmacy in the same four block range. Only a few more blocks and I can expand my selection of other restaurants,and find art galleries, museums and shops. Now that the boxes are almost all unpacked, and the final pieces of furniture are nearing completion, I will begin the exploration of downtown St. Petersburg.  

... and the car stays in the garage.


Piglet's Buddy said...

An auspicious start, my friend, to a new phase in your life. I hope it is 10 times as rewarding as I imagine it will be for you.

SummerS said...

You should check your "walkability" score. I'd bet it's off the charts. Go to to see.

Liz said...

As long as you keep mentioning food, I'll keep reading!!
Seriously, glad you are blogging and happy to hear you like the new digs. Congrats! Henry was in St. Pete on Wed. (checking out a condo there) and he says it's becoming vibrant and very cool -- no doubt thanks to you!