Friday, March 27, 2009

It's Friday !

After a fairly full day at work, I had to rush to an appointment with my oncologist at Moffitt. (More on that later). Then I visited a high school classmate (Peter Stilton) and his family. I had not seen them since I moved to St. Petersburg, even though they live in north Tampa. Well, Jill, Peter's lovely wife, enticed me to visit with the promise of a jar of her amazing dark chocolate fudge sauce; made from an old family recipe. I couldn't turn that down. Plus I wanted to see them again. Peter is an accomplished artist, and I am fortunate to own a couple of his works. (The large oil painting hangs in my living room and was documented in an earlier post.) Check out Peter's work at Stilton Studio

Dinner tonight was a solo return visit to Buona Vita. I had a nice Caesar salad, and a pasta dish made with fresh, roasted, and sun dried tomatoes. It was good, but far too big of a serving, so I have lunch for tomorrow.

Finally, a brief update from the health desk: It looks like another surgery is in the near future. The previously noted spot on the lung showed up hot on the PET scan, so it must be removed. Date and location to be determined. 



Liz said...

ABM - anything but the Melting Pot!

Dick said...

Liz, I may add ABM as an option on the poll. It is the only chain on the list, which probably should have excluded it from consideration. Although, my last visit, 20 years ago in Tampa, was not a bad experience.