Sunday, March 22, 2009

St. Pete Sunday

It was another busy day in downtown. The Jazz Festival was going strong in Vinoy Park, so you could hear the music all along the bayfront. The city is preparing for the Honda Grand Prix, coming in two weeks, so many of the streets and sidewalks are partially blocked by the race barricades and fences. 

But I opted for a quieter day. Frank joined me for Sunday brunch 
at Red Mesa Cantina, followed by a visit to the Museum of Fine Arts to see the Albrecht Durer exhibit. The exhibit was great, showing a collection of 100 of his amazingly detailed woodcuts. We then stopped at the nearby gelateria before heading back to the loft (aka Bistro 523) for Bouillabaisse. I used lobster, shrimp, tilapia, and mussels and, I must say it came out great. (forgive me for a little boasting). Dessert, while not homemade (or not made by one of us) was a truly excellent cherry pie which I picked up from "Desserts by Millie" at the Saturday Morning Market. Every time I stop at the market, I have to buy something from Millie, even if it is just a couple of cookies. She makes wonderful desserts and is a friend of my good friend, Bob. 

Health update: I had another PET scan on Friday, and am now waiting on the results. The prior CT scan showed a small spot on the lung, the PET will help determine what action is needed. Stay tuned. 

That's all I'm saying !

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Paul said...

I'm glad you went to the Dürer show. I'm sure it was fantastic! Had I not suffered the minor leg-related mishap, I'm sure Libby and I would have seen it too.

But, I'm really glad we did get to see the Jasper Johns show with two of our favorite people!