Wednesday, March 25, 2009

POLL: Where should I dine?

I have tried the majority of restaurants in downtown St. Petersburg, but I need your help to pick the next "new" restaurant to try. I have listed six restaurants in the left sidebar for you to cast your vote. I have never been to Primi Urban Cafe, JoJo in Citta, nor Green Chili Indian Bistro. I have been to the Tampa and Sarasota Melting Pot locations. And I have had appetizers or dessert at the remaining two restaurants, Pacific Wave and L'Olivier Bistro, but have not had dinner at either. Now, Melting Pot does not qualify as "downtown" but it is only a short drive away. All the others are within walking distance.

So, what say ye? You pick and I will report on the experience. 


Paul said...

I'm voting for the Green Chili Indian Bistro.

My rationale: 1) it should be an all new experience (thus narrowing the selection to three), and 2) two of the three are of the same cuisine (making it harder to select one over the other). Therefore, Green Chili seems the obvious choice to me.

I'll get started on buttons and bumper stickers for the campaign.

Dick said...

Ah, you are so logical my friend. Enjoy the cruise.