Sunday, April 26, 2009

Bob... Buona Vita

See Bob, not only are you getting a mention in my blog, you got top billing. 

Bob Grove, my good friend, and a "just another perfect day in paradise" promoter of the good life in St. Petersburg, moved form St. Petersburg to Tampa after I moved to St. Petersburg from Tampa. We all knew that Bob's heart was in Pinellas County, and so it is. He is in the process of purchasing a condo in the Clearwater area. Congratulation Bob. So it seemed appropriate, although unscripted, that we had lunch at Buona Vita, (the good life). Here is the rest of the story...

I was joined by Bob, Biff, Butch, Clyde, and Karen for a lovely Sunday Italian Brunch at Buona Vita restaurant on 1st Ave S in St. Petersburg. I had been to Buona Vita for dinner and mentioned it in an earlier post, but this is my first foray into their brunch offer. The brunch menu has something to please everyone, in my opinion; from the traditional eggs Benedict variations, to BYO Crepes, build your own crepes, where you pick a meat, chicken, seafood, item, add two from the cheese and vegetable column and then add two eggs your way. I built mine with smoked salmon, goat cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, and two eggs over-easy. All of these ingredients were folded into a nice light crepe and was served with  sides of fresh fruit and potatoes. The menu also included a nice selection of frittatas, including options of smoked salmon, chicken, etc. Some of our group ordered frittatas and claimed them to be very good. The menu also included Italian "French" toast; although none of us ordered it, we all considered it as an option.

We enjoyed excellent service from a young hip server, McCarron. She was a delight and knew how to start our day by suggesting Bellinis (five of the six of us agreed).

Buona Vita has an outdoor patio but it was full when we arrived. We had a nice meal inside overlooking 1st Avenue S. I highly recommend the brunch, especially if you want to step away from the normal brunch fare. (I could not find a web site for the restaurant, hence no link.)

Check out Buona Vita, and ask for McCarron (We learned that her parents were dining at the restaurant while we were there).

This is my third excursion since my surgery. After Barnes & Noble on Friday, my boss Pat, and her husband, Paul and I went to Red Mesa Cantina for lunch on Saturday. We actually stopped at Buona Vita but they were not open for Saturday lunch. So, on to Red Mesa. As always we had a very nice meal. It feels good to get out once in a while, and I will continue my daily excursions to rebuild my strength.

That's my story and I am sticking to it.

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