Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Road to Recovery

with a few stop along the road.

For those of you who did not received my medical center update earlier today; I am home, since late Monday afternoon, recovering at the expected pace or better. Overall, I have minimal pain, which is well controlled by the good drugs. I am eating good food, thanks to my friends who are looking after me this week. While I am on smaller portions as my stomach re-acclimates to the digestive process, I have not lost my appetite nor my taste buds. 

A week ago tonight, Frank and I had my pre-op dinner at Pacific Wave, in, where else, downtown St. Petersburg. Wow, it was very good. I won't go into the all the finite details but I must cover the entrees. They were excellent. I had the mixed grill. It had a small Filet Mignon, cooked perfectly medium rare, served with a Chimichurri, sauce; next was a couple seared diver sea scallops on a bed of mango salsa.  The third item of the trio, and the best of the three, was the escalar, a large-flake white fish (also known as butter fish) which was served on a bed of Okinawa sweet potato.

Frank's entree was a wonderful Crispy Seared Duck Breast and Confit with Soba noodles. Everything was great, not a mis-step the entire evening. We will go back. 


Paul said...

Glad you're back home, doing well, and returned to blogging. I thought about sending flowers. But, upon further reflection, instead I'm just going to bring "get well" wine when you're up for it.


Dick said...

Thank you my friend. Vino is always a welcomed recovery gift. Although I have been told it doesn't mix well with the pain killers. Let me be the judge of that! [grin]