Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Lucky Dill Excursion

For a late lunch today, I walked to Lucky Dill Deli on Central. This was good exercise for my recovery, although the temperature was up there by 2PM when I left the loft. After a soup and sandwich combination, Chicken Veggie and Chicken Salad, I sat back to watch TV coverage of an unfolding semi tractor chase south of Atlanta on I-75. Apparently this guy hijacked the semi, and the original driver was sitting outside on the back of the cab. Why are we so attracted to situations like this. I was glued to the table until the chase was brought to a safe conclusion.
On my way home I stopped at The Cupcake Spot, also on Central and picked up two lovely cupcakes; The Chocolate Elvis (who knew), and Tuxedo Bites. Both are still waiting for the taste test. Stay tuned for future updates on the results

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