Thursday, April 30, 2009

Primi is Primo

Post in two parts:
1. After my five-hour dash around Moffitt yesterday, I found out that I am currently tumor free. Although the lung tumor is melanoma related which puts me at stage 4 melanoma. The good news is that there are currently no other tumors. I get an eight-week break from scans/tests/etc. Then it is back to Moffitt and a determination of future treatment.
2. Primi is Primo: My dear friend Carol, from Mount Dora, was here yesterday to take me to my doctors visits. After we returned to St. Petersburg, we went to dinner with Frank at Primi Urban Cafe, surprisingly an Italian restaurant that I had not yet tried. What have I been missing... It is not fancy, and the exterior is a basic downtown storefront, but they are working some magic in the kitchen. We started with a shared order of sweet potato fries (good, but nothing special). I had Chianti braised short ribs served over creamy risotto. The beef was "cut with a fork" tender, and very tasty. Carol has wild mushroom ravioli in a butter sage sauce... very nice. And Frank had the Mahi Marsala; something different. The fish was cooked perfectly and the Marsala sauce was very good. We were all very happy with our meals. This one goes on the must eat at spots in downtown.


Paul said...

I've never thought of sweet potatoes, in general and especially in fry form, as being Italian. Am I misinformed? Or were they just being creative?

Dick said...

A valid point my friend, and it was probably one of the few non-Italian appetizers on the menu. But, hey, it sounded good to the group. Now to complicate matters even more, the owners are from South Africa, although owned an Italian restaurant there. So maybe it is a little of their SA influence, as there are a couple other items on the menu with that influence.