Saturday, January 23, 2010

How could I have...

... forgotten the beautiful Marc Chagall designed windows at the Cathedral of Notre-Dame in Reims. I have added six new photographs from Reims to the Paris set, right before the grand finale view of the Tour Eiffel. Reims was our day trip from Paris, via the TGV, or high speed train; the same high speed train where we waited in the slowest ticket line and so aptly described by Frank in his post. <<<<< Click to read.
It was a very chilly day in Reims, which seems to be a pattern for us. Ten years earlier, when we visited Chartres Cathedral, we had the chilliest day of that trip. We toured the lovely cathedral then headed to a warm and cozy Italian restaurant in Chartres. 
But back to Reims...the Cathedral, according to the entry in Wikipedia, has the second largest number of sculpted figures on its exterior in all of Europe, only exceeded by the number at Chartres. The beautiful stained glass windows of the Cathedral are from the 13th to the 20th century. The highlight for us was the Marc Chagall designed windows - simply wonderful. 

Click on the Tour Eiffel to view the Paris photographs. (Now including Reims)


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Paul said...

I loved the Paris pictures, especially the ones in B&W. You have such a great eye for photography!