Sunday, January 17, 2010

London Calling - Cool Britannia

Finally, I have posted photographs from the London portion of our recent trip. Hey, it takes time to pare down from the original 519 images to a more reasonable number like the 34 in the London collection. I am still working on the Paris and Reims photographs - so stay tuned.

The London collection includes sights around London, our boat trip to Greenwich, a  few night shots (check out Carnaby Street, which is still stuck in the trendy 60's) and finishes with a series from The British Museum
For those of you who follow my "self-portraits", I only managed one during the stay in London, and it is only of the toes of my shoes straddling the Prime Meridian in Greenwich. 2009 was a special year for Frank and me - we visited the Eastern and Western Hemisphere in Greenwich, and made our first trip south of the Equator last June. So, does that mean we were in four hemispheres in one year? I like the sound of that. 
We had a great time in London, and I think we gained a better appreciation of what London has to offer. 

Enjoy the photographs of LONDON. (Click on the Lion)



Piglet's Buddy said...

These were as beautiful as I hoped they would be. Thank you for doing this for we unfortunates who had to remain behind here in paradise.

Dick said...

And just where are you going next month Mr. "Unfortunate"?

Paul said...

Great pics of London! I need to go back... soon. :-)