Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Art

I have recently been redecoration my study by replacing much of my older furniture with more contemporary pieces from my new favorite furniture stores - IKEA and American Signature. The new look is more in keeping with the style of the rest of the loft and it also provides better guest accommodations. No longer will guest have to endure the Aero Bed; they now have a real sleeper sofa. My good friend Paul (of Paul and Libby's World of Travel fame - link in left sidebar, check it out), created a wonderful contemporary painting for the room, picking up on the red accent colors. It looks great as you can see in this picture. Paul, thanks so much. And would you care to enlighten my readers on the artist whose style inspired you for this piece.


Paul said...

I’m glad you’re pleased with the painting!

It is based on the work of the French artist, Daniel Buren. He’s an abstract minimalist, a conceptual artist, and a creator of environmental works (much like Christo and the late Jeanne Claude). Above all, he’s been known as “the stripe guy” – as in exactly 8.7cm vertical stripes.

Here’s an interesting article on Buren.

And, here are some good examples of his work (from his official web site).

This painting is something between a “homage to” and a “reproduction of” Buren’s work, mostly because I altered the width of the stripe fairly radically (1.5”). Not sure how Buren would feel about that – though he has historically invited “anyone” to “make” and “claim” his paintings.

Dick said...

Paul, thanks for the education on Daniel Buren. I think your piece is perfect for my room. Very cool, I say.

Liz said...

Gorgeous! I'm coming to visit soon.................