Friday, January 1, 2010

La Mediterranee

OMG... what a lovely meal at a really nice restaurant very close to our hotel. La Mediterranee specializes in seafood, and everything we had was superb. Sparing you a lot of detail, here is our evening menu:
Tuna Tartare - perfect, with a bit of a bite (shared)
Sole Meuniere, the dish that sent Julia Childs over the edge for French food (Frank)
La Bouillabaisse, all fish in a wonderful broth (Dick)
    Brioche with apples and raisins (Frank)
    Poached pears with goat cheese ice cream (Dick)
Wine: We split a 1/2 bottle of Sancerre, although a red, it was light enough to accompany the fish dishes.
That's all I'm Saying

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Paul said...

I've always thought of Sauvignon Blanc when I think of Sancerre. But, I looked it up and the region produces (mostly light) Pinot Noir as well. You learn something new everyday.

Bonne Annee!