Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday Dinner

We have only been back from London and Paris for 6 days and already Frank and I were craving another French meal. So, out came Bistro Cooking by Patricia Wells, an old standby that falls open automatically to some favorite recipes. This time it was Poulet Basquaise or Basque Style Chicken. This is great Bistro fare, with multi-layers of flavor from the variety of ingredients. (I promise I will post the exact recipe later). For now, here is a brief review: The chicken is sautéed until golden, then diced prosciutto, garlic, sliced red bell peppers and red pepper flakes (or minced green chilies) are added to the chicken. This simmers for 45 to 60 minutes until the chicken is done. In another pan, onions are sautéed until soft, and fresh (or canned) tomatoes added. This simmers for 30 minutes. The onion/tomato sauce is spread over the plate, and the chicken is served on top. OMG was it good.
However, in our world, one dish is not enough to bring back the memories of the trip to Paris. So, we started the afternoon with a lunch of duck pate on slices of French Baguette. The baguette came from Fresh Market, which I must say was one of the best grocery store baguettes I have had. Mid-afternoon we enjoyed an aperitif of Campari and soda with olives marinated in olive oil and Herbs de Provence. Finally we reached the appetizer of tuna tartare, I tried to duplicate the one we had at La Mediterranee in Paris; I came close. After the chicken dish, we finished the evening with a Cherry Clafoutis, a variation of Patricia Wells' Pear Clafoutis. This meal was fun, and brought back great memories of a great trip. C'est Bon.

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