Thursday, November 4, 2010

Blog Enhancements

I have added two additional features to my blog.

1. The ability for a reader to email a post to others. Just click on the envelope next to the comments link at the end of each post.

0 comments   <------ This envelope

2. The ability for a reader to react to each post (changes to the options are still being considered. Since there are so many food/restaurant posts, I was thinking of "I'm Hungary", "Stop,  you are killing me", "This is really boring" and "I would never eat that"  or... for travel related posts... "Take me with you" and "Good Luck Buddy, You are on your own" Or we could stick with more typical options such as "Like",  "Don't Like", "Yawn"). Suggestions for Reaction options would be appreciated.


<<<<< oops, I already changed the options, 12 hours after this was posted.>>>>

Just trying to increase the fun level that I have with the blog, and obviously, I have way too much time to play with this stuff and learn all the features of Blogger.

1 comment:

arcadian said...

I"m fine with whatever you decide to list as the options. I have a couple of other sites I read which have this option. Of course, those other sites have a somewhat different subject matter from yours. I'm sure you can understand.