Sunday, November 14, 2010

183/250 Untitled

Paul & Libby, of Paul & Libby's World of Travel fame (see Blogs I Follow in the right sidebar), came over on Saturday to introduce Frank and me to their 9 month old daughter, Emerson, and to have lunch. Hard to believe that we have not met Emerson before this. She is adorable, and extremely well behaved. We had a nice lunch at the new Bella Brava location on Beach Drive. 

Paul also brought me a wonderful Victor Vasarely limited edition print (Untitled - 1970) which I love and am very grateful for Paul's kind generosity. He snagged multiple copies of this print in an art auction, and kindly decided to share one of the copies with me. I have print #183 out of 250. Very neat, I say. The photograph does not do it justice. I will post another photo after it has been framed and hung in my study (aka "The Red Room"). You can view Paul's other gift to me, a painting he created just for The Red Room, by clicking here.
 Untitled - 1970
Victor Vasarely
Thank you Paul & Libby. 


Paul said...

I should also note (speaking of art-related matters) that I really enjoyed seeing Peter's Tuscan Twilight Landscape in person. Wonderful! And, it works great in the space.

Liz said...

Wow, you have really good friends! Some of them, anyway. Don't think you'll be getting any such amazing artwork from me! What fabulous work - I hope the red room appreciates it!

Dick said...


You may not have given me art work, but your "Recipes from Home" is a work of art in its own way.

I can't wait to get the new piece framed and hung, should look great.