Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Goody Gumbo

Gumbo is a stew or soup which originated in south Louisiana. (Per Wikipedia). While I am not a gumbo expert, I know what I like. Probably 16 - 18 years ago, on a business trip to Mobile, AL, I ordered gumbo at John Word's Restaurant. The old location was in a wonderful, supposedly haunted, historic downtown building. In researching this post, I found that John Word's Restaurant and Jazz Club is now located on Battleship Parkway overlooking the Arizona. A shame in my opinion as there was a sense of history and charm in the old place. Back to the gumbo. I always felt the gumbo I had at John Word's was the best ever, and any time I had gumbo, it was my standard for comparison. Nothing I had over the last 16 years held up to that comparison. None that is, until today. As I was scanning the menu at Mitchell's Fish Market at West Shore Plaza, my eyes rested on the Sam Adams Beer Battered Fish and Chips. But before our server could take our order, I spied the Soup and Salad options which I decided might be a healthier choice for me. Actually it was the Marinated Beefsteak Tomatoes with Blue Cheese that caught my eye. Then I had to decide on a soup. All three options sounded good, but the server recommended the New Orleans Seafood Gumbo. She nailed that suggestion. This is as close as any gumbo has come to the standard of John Word's in all of these years. Which was better is hard to say especially since it has been 16 years since I tasted Word's gumbo. So, I will call it a tie and a lucky find. 

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