Saturday, November 6, 2010

Bravo !

Tonight I got a dose of culture again. I walked 6 blocks to the Mahaffey Theatre to hear The Florida Orchestra perform Gustav Mahler's Symphony No. 6, the Tragic. Now I don't profess to know much about classical music so I will not go into an elaborate discussion of tonight's concert. If you are set on learning more about Mahler's 6th, click HERE to go to the Wikipedia entry and read away. Let me just say that I enjoyed the concert, especially the last movement; Finale Allegro moderato (that's music-speak). It was a very powerful and moving conclusion to the piece. Portions of the earlier movements reminded me of movie scores with soaring melodies. OK, that is about as musical as I can get. I always enjoy The Florida Orchestra and I love being able to walk to a concert. It feels so big-city like. 

That's All I'm Saying


Piglet's Buddy said...

All English words (mostly) I can understand. I like that!

Dick said...

Hey, Mr. Piano Player, I figured you would understand the music terminology.